Bento Box

This is what I’ve been eating for lunch pretty much daily for the last couple of weeks. Pretty amazing stuff. It’s just the right amount of food to keep me energetic, yet maintain my weight. It’s also really freaking delicious :O

Cranking away on the film. Pretty soon I will need to prototype some models, I’m working on topology now. I want to have something nice to show at my AWA panel this year, and it will soon be time to be seeking voice talents! I’m so freaking nervous. I guess I have this idea in my head of how my characters should be, exactly, that I’m having trouble with the idea of turning them over to other people. But, I know with some work I am sure I can locate some very talented and passionate individuals who can lend their amazing voices to the movie.

Quick update to let anyone who reads this know I’m not dead. Yup.

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